Managers from across Chicagoland attended NorthStar360’s Management Seminar last month held in Munster, Ind. The two-day seminar focused on key skills like self-awareness, management traits, and creating employee engagement. Well-trained, engaging managers have a positive impact and direct impact on things like employee performance, engagement, and retention… 50 percent more productive according to a recent Gallup poll!

The program included a hands-on experience for participants who could share and learn from one-another through case studies, activities and completing a personal plan of action. Utilizing real-life examples, supervisors can more fully implement their plan of action, contributing to a stronger and more successful organization.

“Investing in your new managers today is essential to build a strong organization for the future,” says Rick Riddering, president of NorthStar360. “Providing your managers the opportunity to participate in ongoing training will pay back your organization for years to come.”

Mastering the Management Essentials is one of many community business training events. To schedule an on-site seminar or customized program, please call (219) 864-1576 or visit

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