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Thon Joins NorthStar360 Team


Long time NWI leader and educator Bill Thon and Dyer-based training and development company, NorthStar360, are proud to announce a strategic partnership.

Thon is no stranger to training and, in fact, spent more than eight years as the Executive Director of the Corporate College for Ivy Tech Community College/ Northwest. Additionally, he served 17 years in various Manufacturing, Human Resources and Training roles at Rieter Automotive. He’s eager to use this experience and know-how to help area businesses better their organization and achieve key business goals.

“I’m very proud of the work I’ve done throughout my career and I’m thrilled I can use my experience to help more businesses in Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland with developing their employees. Working more intimately with organizations and helping them achieve results is exactly where I want to be,” explains Thon.

NorthStar360 helps businesses maximize their success through comprehensive hiring practices and in-depth employee development programs. The company customizes its training and tailors its development programs to meet the specific business goals of its clients.

“NorthStar360 is thrilled for this new partnership with Bill Thon. His knowledge and areas of expertise will be invaluable for our clients and for new clients. His expertise really supplements what we’re already doing so I can’t wait to see some of the new, great things we’ll be working on as a result of our partnership,” said Rick Riddering, president of NorthStar360.

Training Planned for Managers and Supervisors-May 16-17, June 13-14

Dyer-based NorthStar360 will be offering a training program to help frontline managers and supervisors manage more effectively. These training sessions are being offered May 16 & 17 in Glenwood, IL and June 13 & 14 in Munster, IN.

Managers and supervisors of frontline employees have a significant impact on performance, in fact a larger impact than managers at any other level. These managers have a direct impact on things like employee performance, engagement, and retention. We tend to look to the top of organizations for direction and leadership, although frontline managers have the most impact on our employees!

“Often times, frontline managers have worked their way up the ranks because they were great employees. But, just because you’re really great at your job, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be a great manager. Managing requires a much different skill set,” explains Rick Riddering, president of NorthStar360.

This 2-day seminar will teach managers just that – the skills essential to their (and your organization’s and your employees’) success; skills that will improve productivity, employee engagement, retention, and profitability.

“Investing in your new managers today is essential to build a strong organization for the future,” says Riddering. “Providing your managers the opportunity to attend this training session will pay back your organization for years to come.”

Participants may choose from the two sessions: May 16 & 17, located at Glenwoodie Country Club in Glenwood, IL or June 13 & 14 at the Hampton Inn in Munster, IN. The program runs from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. both days. Registration for the 2-day session is $695 per person and includes all materials, customized action plan, two breakfasts and one lunch. There is a $70 early bird discount for those who register by May 1st.

Complete registration information is available at, or contact NorthStar360 at (219) 864-1576 or email to

Creating a Smooth Transition from Technician to Supervisor

When there’s a vacant supervisor position within your organization, it’s natural to look within. Who’s the best guy or gal we’ve got? You want to take your best technician and promote them because its logical to think that you’re best technician will naturally be a great supervisor. Maybe not?

“Often times growing companies take their best technician and promote him or her to a managing position. Just because you’re really great at your job, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be a great manager. Managing requires a much different skill set,” explains Rick Riddering, president of NorthStar360.

More than half of organizations (58 percent) do not offer a formal training program for new supervisors, according to a Career Builder survey. Although the technician has a familiarity of their previous job and may feel as though they know it “like the back of their hand,” their new role as manager brings with it unfamiliarity and uncertainty.

New supervisors cite specific challenges like:

  • Dealing with issues between co-workers on my team
  • Motivating team members
  • Performance reviews
  • Finding the resources needed to support the team
  • Creating career paths for my team

All size organizations can provide a formal training program for new supervisors. A basic training program should include education on key topics like giving and receiving feedback, resolving conflicts, and communicating as a manager. Organizations can also utilize a mentor program and pair new supervisors with veterans, and check in with new supervisors to keep the communication lines open.

By providing new supervisors with training and development, organizations can save recruitment costs and the time associated with the learning curve a new employee would have. It also increases morale for employees who notice your organization promotes from within.

“Investing in your new supervisors today will build a strong organization for the future,” says Riddering.

NorthStar360 Connects with Acclaimed Training Leader and Author

Founders of Dyer-based NorthStar360 Business Solutions Rick and Susan Riddering met with Dr. Roger Allen, co-founder of the Center for Organizational Design at the annual 360 Solutions learning conference earlier this month in Dallas, TX. The three served as presenters at the conference and met to discuss the latest trends and best practices in training and organizational development.

This meeting was extra special for Rick and Susan Riddering because NorthStar360’s training programs and workbooks were authored by Allen. Allen is a respected expert in the training industry, as well as an author, coach, teacher, and co-founder of the Center for Organizational Design, based in Denver, CO.

“We were thrilled to work with Dr. Allen when we launched NorthStar360. His materials have been used and proven successful with many Fortune 500 companies. We reviewed hard data showing rates of success. In addition, we share a similar philosophy of adult learning,” explains Susan Riddering, vice president and co-founder of NorthStar360.

Dr. Allen has been credited for the development of the Transformation Model, which NorthStar360 uses to help understand an organization and guide a strategy for success. The Model breaks down the complexity of an organization to eight key variables, including: environment, strategy, core process, structure, systems, culture, results, and leadership; that form a “big picture” of an organization. Realigning and adjusting these variables will result in major improvements in customer service, quality, efficiency, cycle time, profitability and satisfaction of employees.

“Utilizing the Transformational Model that Dr. Allen developed has allowed us to provide better training to organizations in Northwest Indiana. We are able to customize concepts and tools to fit each client and mirror the kind of results cited by Fortune 500 companies,” explains Rick Riddering, president of NorthStar360.

NorthStar360 Presents at Conference

Rick and Susan Riddering, founders of NorthStar360 will present at the International 360 Solutions Learning Conference taking place in Dallas, Texas later this month. Rick and Susan will share their training best practices with other trainers and speakers. The session features some of 360 Solutions’ most successful strategic partners, including NorthStar360.

“We are honored to be asked to present again at this year’s conference. We can share our strengths and best practices with other trainers and collaboratively learn from them as well,” explains Susan. “And all of this translates to higher quality training for our clients.”

This conference welcomes participants from over 20 countries and across the U.S. to learn about the latest research in training and development and how to make training more impactful for business owners and their employees. Hot topics this year include assessments, sales training, and emotional intelligence.

Rick and Susan Riddering join an outstanding lineup of speakers, including Roger Allen, author, consultant, executive coach, and co-founder of The Center for Organizational Design, Chip Wilson, founder and CEO of 360 Solutions, and Kevin Berchelmann, president and CEO at Triangle Performance.