When there’s a vacant supervisor position within your organization, it’s natural to look within. Who’s the best guy or gal we’ve got? You want to take your best technician and promote them because its logical to think that you’re best technician will naturally be a great supervisor. Maybe not?

“Often times growing companies take their best technician and promote him or her to a managing position. Just because you’re really great at your job, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be a great manager. Managing requires a much different skill set,” explains Rick Riddering, president of NorthStar360.

More than half of organizations (58 percent) do not offer a formal training program for new supervisors, according to a Career Builder survey. Although the technician has a familiarity of their previous job and may feel as though they know it “like the back of their hand,” their new role as manager brings with it unfamiliarity and uncertainty.

New supervisors cite specific challenges like:

  • Dealing with issues between co-workers on my team
  • Motivating team members
  • Performance reviews
  • Finding the resources needed to support the team
  • Creating career paths for my team

All size organizations can provide a formal training program for new supervisors. A basic training program should include education on key topics like giving and receiving feedback, resolving conflicts, and communicating as a manager. Organizations can also utilize a mentor program and pair new supervisors with veterans, and check in with new supervisors to keep the communication lines open.

“Investing in your new supervisors today will build a strong organization for the future,” says Riddering.

By providing new supervisors with training and development, organizations can save recruitment costs and the time associated with the learning curve a new employee would have. It also increases morale for employees who notice your organization promotes from within. NorthStar360’s “Mastering the Management Essentials” seminar would be an excellent training opportunity for a new (or seasoned) manager looking to be more effective. This seminar is coming up May 16 & 17 in Glenwood, IL and June 5 & 6 in Munster, IN. Check out www.northstar360.com/events for more info.