Meet Rick and Susan

Rick and Susan Riddering understand what it takes to hire and develop great employees. Their extensive and broad business experience gives them a perspective that many consultants simply cannot offer.

Rick’s career has taken him on a wondrous ride through professional sports, public relations consulting, publishing, marketing, banking and higher education. And through it all, Rick’s passion for seeing people develop and businesses flourish has grown stronger with each of his life experiences. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication from Purdue University and a Master of Education from the University of Illinois. His graduate work focused on human resource development and adult learning principles.Susan’s reputation as a problem solver in the staffing and recruiting industry precedes her. With extensive experience in various roles, she is adept at helping employers identify problems in their hiring practices with their workforce, and creating logical solutions to address them. Susan’s widespread experience spans from manufacturing and logistics to retail and service. She has a well-rounded background in retail management, and has held many positions in the staffing industry ranging from Account Executive, Branch Manager, Director of Sales, Regional Director and Business Development Manager. She is well-trained and versed in best practices for hiring, recruiting, customer service, sales, and safety.

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Meet Rick & Susan Riddering


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