If you have good employees in a department, doing a good job, does it not make sense to hire the same type of person for that department? With the benchmark program you can!
Each time you run a report you have the opportunity to create, compare and utilize results to create accurate benchmarks to match your current employees. By using various existing and custom benchmarks to see how close the scores and personality types are you will see in seconds if the applicant you are looking at “fits” the position and department.

Existing Benchmarking Data

The included benchmark files are generic files with data taken from thousands of profiles completed over the years. This information and designed benchmarks have been compiled based on the most common
personalities, traits, and strengths.

Personality Types

Discover the true personality of your potential employees with the Personality Profile. Are they a born leader? A supporter? A networker? With a simple analysis you can discover if not only are they right for your company but if they are compatible with their department.