You’ve spent significant time and money hiring and training good employees. Now how do you keep them? If you are happy to have them, your competition would be too, especially since you made the initial and often costly investments of taking them from the “maybe” group to the “proven” stage.

Before you look up to see your treasured performer standing in front of you with resignation in hand you may want to ask yourself a few serious questions.

1. Would I want to work for me?
2. Do my employees feel appreciated?
3. Am I paying enough?
4. Do the people here feel they are part of a community?
5. Do my people feel they make a difference?
6. Are my employees proud to be part of my organization?
7. Would I want to work in this environment?
8. Does everyone here believe they have a future?
9. What am I not seeing?
10.Is the existing orientation process working?

People that are thrown into unfamiliar situations without clear expectations and understanding may never even begin the process of becoming part of your company.

Many times we fall into the rut of thinking that the way things worked yesterday will be fine for tomorrow. Meanwhile the people that want to take our spot in the marketplace are searching high and low for that added edge. Keeping the people we need to perform our tasks at maximum efficiency may be as easy as asking ourselves, “What would keep me here?”