Perhaps the companies of old were on to something; long live the life long employee. Employee engagement is not a new buzz word or an old adage that is being revisited. Simply stated it is an approach to business and employees that is producing exceptional results. Unfortunately, a recent Towers Watson survey indicated that nearly two–thirds of U.S. employees are not fully engaged in their work and are less productive as a result.

This initiative starts from the ground up as employees alone do not drive engagement. The entire organization, its managers and its employees comprise the level of engagement. For engagement to truly “work” employees must be happy and productive. That’s a tall order. Managers must communicate and lead their employees toward the goals of the organization.

Research has shown that managers do not feel communication is a job responsibility, but this is not the case. Contrarily, organizations and leaders must identify clear visions and goals. They need to spearhead and encourage the communication of this vision throughout the company. And, simply having a mission statement or employee program does not fulfill this requirement. Proper training, marketing and support are mandatory for engagement to thrive in any corporate culture.

To address the many needs of employee engagement, NorthStar360 has developed a hands-on, 5-pronged approach to addressing each of the involved aspects:

1. Developing the Plan

2. Crafting a Working Environment

3. Supporting Employee Development

4. Coaching Employees

5. Maintaining Engagement

In upcoming newsletters and blog posts, we will outline each step in additional detail, a how-to guide for employers if you will. These steps together develop a more engaged, productive, happy and committed employee (and supervisor!). Stay tuned and salivating for the March NorthStar360 newsletter. And if you just can’t wait, contact us today for a custom-designed program for your organization. ­­­­