There is a huge difference between an Assertive salesperson and an Aggressive salesperson.  While both encounters can be memorable, only one can be effective.

Have you ever experienced an aggressive salesperson?  If you have, then you understand that this tactic is not the approach that is effective.  While it is a memorable encounter, it is only memorable because you remember the negative impression that was left.  All an aggressive salesperson will do is aggravate the customer and deplete their customer base.

Assertive sales encounters are another story. Assertive is far from aggressive. Assertive salespeople do not tell the customer what to do, but rather they help lead them to an educated decision by providing them all the necessary facts. They are confident in themselves and what they are selling.  They do not let pride stand in their way, if they have made a mistake they will admit their mistake and learn from it in order to move on.  Assertive salespeople are always looking to the future and preparing themselves for change.  This approach is memorable because the salesperson leaves his customer with a good impression about what he is selling.

Below are the clear differences between assertive and aggressive selling.

Assertive vs. Aggressive behavior traits:
Results focused vs. lack of focus
Enthusiastic vs. shows indifference; not excited
Honest vs. unable to trust
Courageous vs. afraid of rejection
Understanding vs. lack of empathy or compassion
Committed to growth vs. uncommitted to change or growth
Respectful vs. shows lack of respect

It takes practice to help put someone at ease. Ultimately to make the sale you need to make people feel comfortable.  Don’t over complicate the sales process.  Having an assertive sales tactic will only make you a better producer.