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Be an Empowered Leader

Current day organizations look for leaders who can empower teams, not control them. So, what factors differentiate these two categories of leaders? Recent studies have identified five qualities expected of an empowering leader:

* Vision. The empowering leader has a vision and the ability to develop and a share it for the entire team. They are driven by a strong motivation and passion for the shared vision.

* Rapport. The empowering leader is able to establish high levels of rapport and trust among the team members, under this leadership the team achieves organizational goals and objectives.

*Enthusiasm. The empowering leader avoids controlling and coercing team members and is able to induce a high degree of enthusiasm and zeal from the team members toward the committed goals.

* Positive. The empowering leader believes in all team members and demonstrates a positive, nurturing quality in all interactions which result in a work atmosphere that is conducive to synergy and achievement.

* Take Charge. The empowering leader is able to take charge of the needs and aspirations of the team members and ultimately, shapes the organizational climate and growth.

Excerpt taken from 360Solutions, LLC. Read the entire whitepaper here.

Compass Series Explores Leadership

The next workshop in this series will investigate the Five High Performance Leadership Roles. In this workshop, participants will develop an understanding of three core elements of team effectiveness, the five roles of leadership and the need to balance the five roles.  Additionally, learners will become aware of tactics for “leading from the balcony” and identify a set of diagnostic questions to utilize within their leadership style. Attendees will apply these leadership principles directly to their workplace experience.

This half-day workshop takes place from 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at Providence Bank in Schererville and is designed to develop productive employees, an essential characteristic for those who are supervisors and managers. Space is limited. Contact Susan Riddering at (219) 864-1576 or e-mail at for complete details and pricing.

This workshop is part of the Compass Series workshop program, composed of 11 topics designed to increase personal effectiveness. These training materials have been used by several Fortune 500 companies including: AT&T, BP, Ford Motor Company and Hewlett Packard. Each workshop consists of a mixture of facilitated lectures and discussions and high-energy, interactive exercises to help participants internalize the principles and apply the lessons to workplace experience.

Three workshops remain for the 2011-2012 series, including:

The Five High Performance Leadership Roles, Feb. 9

The Role of Trust, March 8

The Integrity Model, April 12

Businesses can participate in all three programs or select a specific workshop. Contact Susan to reserve your space.

February NorthStar360 Newsletter

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

John F. Kennedy

Leadership is a rich and meaningful word. It stirs of a sense of idealism, hope and courage. It is often the solution to many challenges our organizations face. This month is all about leadership and learning. The topic is quite timely with our next Compass Series Workshop focusing on Leadership Roles. This month’s newsletter also provides tips for being an empowered leader and how learning through assessments can help organizations identify specific strategies for accomplishing business goals.