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Spring Ahead: Your Clock and Time Management Skills

On Sunday, March 10, we’ll once again spring our clocks ahead one hour, reminding us of the precious value of time and how we can maximize every minute. Time management is a skill. Like any other skill, we need to practice it in order to reach our full potential. Let’s practice these four skills this month and keep our time management skills sharp!

  • Make Lists: Write as much down as you can. If you don’t carry a planner or notebook already, start. It doesn’t have to be fancy; a simple, white-lined notebook will do the trick. Put it on paper and free up valuable space in your brain for other ideas and thoughts.
  • Make Use of Down Time: Using walking, driving, showering, or otherwise “dead” times to plan. Think about what your goals are for that day or the next. Which goals are most important? Prioritization is the key.
  • Concentrate on One Thing: The human mind works more efficiently when it is focused. As we’ve seen before multitasking is actually a disadvantage to productivity. Focus on one thing and get it done. Take care not to bleed tasks into each other. At times, multitasking may seem like a more efficient route, but it is probably not.
  • Avoid Procrastination at All Costs: When trying to be more productive and trying to save time, procrastination should be avoided like nothing else. It is the ultimate productivity-killer.

With practice, your time management skills can help you take control of your planner and daily schedule. We’re still looking for the magic “pause” button that would allow us to fully catch up on all our responsibilities. We’ll let you know if we find it. Until then, we hope you join us as we recommit to practicing good time management skills.

This Valentine’s Day, Send Yourself a Valentine

Chocolates, check. Bottle of wine, check. Card, check. This year, treat yourself to the best Valentine’s Day gift of all; loving yourself. That’s right. Let Cupid hit you with his arrow and take a long look in the mirror because loving yourself is a pivotal trait for success.

In these pressured times people rarely give themselves the credit they deserve. By making time to remind yourself of how far you have come in life, you pave the way for more abundance, joy and success. Loving yourself not only elicits a happier you, but also attracts success. Why?

A person who loves them self exudes confidence. This person appears happy, in control, optimistic, and a person you want to be associated with. All traits linked with success. For the world to love you and respect you, you need to love yourself and respect yourself too. Use with these five tips below as a refresher and reminder in loving yourself.

1. Respect – R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Before you understand how to love yourself, you must learn to respect yourself. Stop focusing on your negative aspects and focus on the aspects you’re good at. We’re all human and all of us have our own flaws and good sides, whether it’s seen by others or not. By only acknowledging the negative side, you’re forgetting the wonderful side that can actually be shared with others.

2. Believe in Yourself

Remember that old adage, ‘every long journey starts with a single step’. Focus on making little positive changes every day. It could be issues related to your work, health, or even your own personal dreams. Whatever they may be, be determined and pursue them with all your heart. By doing this, you’ll respect and love yourself a lot more.

3. Find a Role Model

You may not need a role model to understand how to love yourself, but it can be a great help in becoming a better person and have a focused dream. Do you look up at someone or wish you could be like them? By understanding the way they think or deal with difficulties in their life, it can give you the inspiration to learn and become a better person by following their footsteps.

4. Push to Achieve More

Every time you push yourself to achieve more, it makes you more confident of your own abilities. And confidence always draws awe and respect, which leads to self love. Bring positive changes into your life every single day. Even if you could spend just an hour every day on making yourself a better person, you would be able to see a considerable change in a month’s time.

5. Don’t be Overcritical

Learning to love yourself takes time and initiative. It’s a wonderful feeling to look good, be admired by everyone around you and loved by everyone including yourself. But it does take time. Never be too critical of yourself and expect immediate changes.

Give yourself some time, and wait for the good times to roll in. Take an initiative to change yourself one baby step at a time, you’ll feel happier and more loved than ever before, every single day. Happy Valentine’s Day, self.