Building a Strong Foundation for Today’s Sales Professionals

Part One

Results speak louder than words.

Consider this:
People don’t work harder and smarter because the company will benefit. People take steps in new and challenging directions because they themselves will benefit. We address this reality by creating a bridge between personal and professional goal achievement. In order for this to happen, the program must address the participant’s question, “What’s in it for me?” We take great care to answer that question for all salespeople. When salespeople motivate themselves, everyone benefits. Our unique approach to integrated skills training is the result of years of research. This research isolated certain critical “core skills” as a basis of all achievement.

Program Objective

To help sales professionals and sales managers increase productivity and improve interactions through specific goal-setting, time leveraging, communication, negotiation, teamwork, and leadership skills.

Program graduates are able to:
  • Set complete and measurable goals.
  • Develop strategic plans for both sales and personal goals.
  • Leverage time in accordance with those goals.
  • Communicate to persuade.
  • Use leadership skills and team effort to bring goals to fruition.
  • Achieve higher quality, optimum performance, and consistent results.
  • Start mastering the “Core Skills”…

    Part Two

    1. Goal-Setting and Planning
  • Identify the difference between dreams and well-stated goals.
  • Strategically plan and tactically execute goal processes.
  • Develop a sales strategy based on where you are and where you want to be.
  • Create specific goals, stating them in measurable, action-oriented terms.
  • Develop a sales funnel to track goals, identify areas for improvement, determine daily activities and produce results.
  • State specific goals for individual customers.
  • Identify personal motivation for your own goal achievement.
  • 2. Leveraging Time
  • Identify time wasters and deal with them.
  • Allocate time for your strategic goals.
  • Focus time toward goal achievement.
  • Plan activities based on peak productivity periods.
  • Prioritize your customers using the Account Gradation System.
  • Apply Account Gradation to increase productivity, using business planning and account clustering.
  • 3. Communication
  • Identify the goals of communication.
  • Identify the difference between active and passive listening.
  • Utilize active listening to more effectively understand buyer needs.
  • Use a variety of questioning techniques to uncover, clarify, and understand buyer needs, wants, and goals.
  • Control the direction of communication with questions.
  • Understand others and have them understand you.
  • 4. Negotiation
  • Describe how negotiation impacts sales results.
  • Describe and demonstrate the link between negotiation and communication, goal-setting, time management, teamwork, and the sales process.
  • Enhance negotiation results by using core skills.
  • Prepare the three-tiered goal analysis for negotiable issues.
  • Develop negotiation strategies based on opportunity and buying behavior.
  • Identify and apply bargaining techniques.
  • 5. Teamwork
  • Identify how teamwork relates to other sales skills.
  • Integrate the core skills into effective sales team operations.
  • Identify the key characteristics of successful sales teams.
  • Identify which individuals and functions are potentially part of your sales teams for different selling situations.
  • Identify sources of resistance and strategize ways to strengthen key relationships to improve teamwork.
  • Describe the characteristics of an effective team leader.
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